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Originally Posted by Isle of Wight View Post
It has become what Microsoft was. The phones are not as good as the competition the computers are offering nothing special and you are ripped off at every stage. I stilll have my mac my iPhone Apple TV and ipad BUT I also have a fire stick, fire tablet and am weaning myself off. One HUGE thing for me is the last 10 years I have built calendars and photo books each Christmas for far flung relatives. Always expensive but good quality and simple to create and buy from iPhoto. Now you have to have an app and the thing is twice the price. Forget it I’m off to bonusprint at half the old price. ��
Was getting bored of the iPhone and coveted my mates S9. Got an X in the US used for 480, at that price its very nice and the screen and FaceID I like a lot. Took about two days to get used to no button but love it now.

Apple TV I don't bother with, have a new iPad (with Pencil) and like that.

MacBook Pro is good, wouldn't swap for any other PC today.

Agree there is no real innovation (and hasn't been for the last few years) but if you shop around (and are lucky enough to go to the US regularly) then at that price I can't see any point in swapping out the ecosystem yet.

Rumours are there will be a new Mac mini October 30th. Now that I am very tempted in (for a home hub).
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