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Originally Posted by Away View Post
A query about App store and logins.

I want to buy Logic Pro for my son to use on my 'family' iMac.

If he subsequently buys a laptop for himself, will we be able to install/update etc on there using my Apple account.

Or is it possible to download the original from his own Apple account on the iMac for which I'm the main account holder?

I can't get a clear picture from what's written in discussion forums whether you can just login to different Apple accounts on the App store without it getting fixed to the computer.
Away, I just went and had a look and Logic Pro X supports family sharing so providing you and he use a linked account through family sharing then up to six family members can share the app - note it doesn't include in-app purchases.

Family sharing really is pretty cracking to be honest, I use it with all my kids and we share all apps across IOS and MacOS. All purchases are to the same credit card so you have to handle the paybacks etc but it really is great.
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