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Originally posted by hugosabin
Oh dear, the whole point is that they are not the same. A wide midfield player such as Beckham has a very different role to a winger such as C Ronaldo. Of course the way they play determines what their position and duty is. From your way of thinking when Sven gets Gerrard to play on the left of midfield he is employing him as a winger which is absolutely not the case. He is on the left of midfield and has a certain job to do, that job is not the same as a giggs or duff whose job it is to bomb up and down the left wing, beat players, create and basically terrorise the opposition.
You are clearly getting muddled about all this!

Erm, far from muddled this end. But that end, I'm not too confident about. I know what you and millions of other people across the planet define as a Midfield Left or Right. Doesn't mean I agree with it, at all. I know you are talking along the lines of the Ray Parlours and the Sergio Conceicaos of the world (who both still get crosses and shots in, but in a more orthodox and simple style). But, to me, it's just an old fashioned term, for a certain style of player (IE, less attacking players playing the wings) that hardly exists anymore. You play on the wing, you get crosses in. You don't play defensively on the wing, or you're not going to get anywhere. Hence every time Gerrard has been put on any wing, he's been worthless.
You said "He is on the left of midfield and has a certain job to do", what is that job? To defend? Play defensively? Never, you're on the wing for one reason, to work the flanks and get crosses in, or you may as well just not have someone on the flanks if they're not going to do that.

My original point was, Beckham was a winger. He gained ALL his glory and class at first from getting crosses in, down the wing, in attacking positions. Not to mention the occasional classy through ball when he drifted centrally. For me, all the set pieces and free-kicks he takes are merely a bonus and he shouldn't be hailed as a great because of that reason.
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